Riding jacket and skirt

I have just finished making a riding jacket and skirt. The jacket has pretty feminine puffed gathered sleeves. They do not show up too well in the angle of the photo. My mind was not at all on these pictures being taken when they were and the background is poor as well. Maybe I can get some better pictures later. The coat has the splits in the back for properly hanging in the saddle. I thought of using a wool gabardine, but wanted something washable since the caot will not only be worn riding, but used as a dress coat as well. I made it from a "linen look" cloth, a rayon/polyester mix. I like how it looks like linen and yet does not wrinkle hardly at all. It is very easy care and wear.

The skirt was made from some cotton broadcloth which was on sale and I am paying for it by having to iron it after each wearing. It wrinkles terribly. So much 1800's time period sewing has nearly made me adverse to using synthetic cloth, but the cotton wrinkles so, that I may make the skirt out of a rayon next time. It is a complete circle skirt, full enough for cross-saddle riding and nice enough for side-saddle riding. Kayla C. is always making circle skirts and I used her instructions for making this one. Some of her skirts are pictured on her blog. Here: http://custerfamilyfarm.com/blog1/index.php?blog=3&title=my_new_skirt&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1#trackbacks