Horse back riding - in skirts

These photos were taken at Southern Cross Guest Ranch in Madison, GA. 

More pictures may be posted on my “Goatgirl’s blog” later. I made my riding jacket and skirt as well as Dave’s coat and trousers. Kayla made her skirt. She also braids western leather work such as: bolos, key chains, whips, and other things not posted on her webpage. Dave does blacksmith work making: dinner bells, hooks, fire pokers, and other neat things like this horse head letter opener.


Carrie McCoy said...

I have never been horseback riding but it's on my dream list of things to do! I also noticed that the pictures were taken in Georgia. How neat! Our family is moving there with my husband's job in another couple of months. It looks so pretty so I look forward to settling down there with our family! God bless!

Southern Lady said...

Georgia is a pretty State! I love Georgia! It was my home State. Hope the move goes well.